Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Co-Coordinators will receive great publicity

  1. They will be honored by having the gallery for their city, neighborhood or school displayed at their place of business, or a public place, with their name or business name across the gallery.
  2. Thereby; they will be known as the “Green Team” headquarters for their area,
  3. Present awards to top environmentalists,
  4. Have their picture taken with the Mayor (or Council Person), local celebrities and green organizations (placed in the exhibits) and
  5. Publicized in the newspaper.
  6. Co-Coordinators will be given their own exhibit in the gallery with their picture and business info. Founding Members will also have their picture in the exhibit of their choice. Exhibit Coordinators can have their picture solo in an exhibit (by enrolling three Founding Members).

Membership cards are $12, with top green membership benefits in the USA. Membership fees are further offset by giving an additional membership card to each member (which they could sell to neighbors or friends to at least recover half their costs). Founding Members enroll ten members (10 x $12 each = $120). Co-coordinators enroll 10 Founding Members in their neighborhood, city or school (10 x $120 = $1,200).

Co-coordinators and Founding Members make extra income by receiving additional membership cards they can sell.

Co-coordinators also receive 10% of the Founding Members’ funds raised. Founding Members also receive 10% of their own funds raised, leaving $1000 net for the National Green Museum expenses raised from each Co-coordinator.

Two Co-coordinators each help raise $100 from 10 Founding Members (or a green business helps raise $100 from 20 founding members via promotions and walk-ins).